MSTQE is designed for undergraduate students interested in developing deep and broad based literacy in math, physical and life sciences and technology. Most students in the program go on to major in education and many elect to become teachers of math and general science. Others go on to teach in informal education, in museums, libraries, environmental education and other venues.

MSTQE Course Schedule

Students may demonstrate that they are eligible for MSTQE through satisfactory completion of English 101. Note: The math and science concepts minor is undergoing curricular and structural modifications. Please contact the MSTQE Program Advisor, Billie Kersh at for the most up-to-date information.

Current offerings:

Block I

Pre-requisites Math 149 and Math 150*
*can take Math 150 concurrently with either course pair

Math 280 - Geometry Concepts for Educators
Physics 108 - Physics Concepts for Educators

Math 281 - Number Theory Concepts for Educators
Chemistry 108 - Chemistry Concepts for Educators

Block II

Pre-requisites - Completion of Block I
Math 147 - Statistics Concepts for Educators
Biology 104 and 105 - Environmental Biology with Lab

Block III

Pre-requisites - Completion of Block II
Math 145 - Algebra Concepts for Educators
Biology Education 110 - Biology for Educators

Block IV

Pre-requisites - Completion of Block III
Math 381 - Discrete Math

Math 380 - Calculus Concepts for Educators
Biology 299 - Ecology concepts for Educators

Cognate Courses

Can be taken at any point throughout program

Schools and Society - Sociology 104
Cooperative Learning in Adventure Education - HPERA PEMT 342T
Health and Wellness of the Emerging Adolescent - HLED 199