Scholars at Seminar

All McNair Scholars are required to take the following seminars:

Developing a Research Thesis C1-301M
This 1 credit hour seminar is required of Northeastern Illinois University McNair Scholars as part of the development of their research project. The course provides an integrative, collaborative, research-based introduction to the process of thesis writing. This is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of small research groups. Each student conducts a focused search of the literature in response to a specific, identified issue and is introduced to the elements of scholarly writing. The course creates a learning community of scholars working to explore meaningful solutions to identified research questions.

Preparing for Graduate Study C1-303 
This is a one credit hour course to enable McNair Scholars to think about, plan and apply for admission to graduate study. This course is focused on the doctoral and graduate admission requirements and application process, improving GRE scores, and improving writing, presentation and computer skills necessary for doctoral studies.

College Teaching for Teaching Assistants C1-302
This is a one credit hour class that introduces students to college teaching skills and prepares them for teaching assistantships. Class discussion, assignments, and activities will focus on the theory and practice of teaching and learning at the post-secondary level. Students will draw on their own college learning experiences to evaluate instructional techniques and materials for effectiveness and meaning.