Ayurveda Online Workshop
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Ayurveda Health and Wellness Coach Certificate
April 24, 2021 through Dec. 12, 2021

This Integrative Learning Program Modules 1-10 will be held online one weekend per month (9 a.m.-1 pm) for 9-months as well as two Thursday evenings per month. Classes are live but will be recorded for easy access. This innovative learning style course also includes guided home-study, and a self-paced practicum to put learning into action. Integrative Learning is deeply experiential, restorative and intellectually stimulating, which facilitates mastery in Ayurvedic Health Care for Self, Client, and the Community. This approach to learning is not just about content but facilitates an experiential approach that improves overall health and well-being for the student of Ayurveda. Email for more information at

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