The Noyce STEM Intern Program at Northeastern Illinois University is a partnership between Northeastern and City Colleges of Chicago. Through the Noyce STEM Internship Program, students will come together in a cohorted learning community and have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars designed to broaden their understanding in content, issues of social justice and expose them to the career of teaching.


Noyce STEM Interns explore the field of teaching through a variety of experiences that include workshops and seminars with experts in the field and informal educators, a summer internship program with GEAR UP and other selected summer programs, and networking with current and former scholars.


  • Membership in the Northeastern Noyce STEM Internship cohort that includes students from Northeastern and City Colleges of Chicago
  • Opportunity to explore the field of teaching by working with current middle school and high school students and in-service teachers
  • Mentorship by both Noyce Scholars faculty and classroom teachers from high-needs schools in the Chicago Public Schools system
  • Participation in the GEAR UP project for direct and ongoing experiences with high school students, teachers, parents, community members and Center for College Access and Success staff consultants
  • Early field experience with grade 6-12 students and in-service teachers
  • Academic, career and personal guidance and support
  • Informational seminars and workshops led by faculty members from Northeastern and the City Colleges of Chicago, STEM educators and informal educators on a variety of topics that explore the field of teaching with a strong emphasis on teaching in an urban, high-needs school environment

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants must be undergraduate students at Northeastern or the City Colleges of Chicago interested in exploring a field in STEM, particularly STEM education
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75

Requirements to be completed by the end of the program

  • Completion of an early field experience with grade 6-12 students
  • Attendance at designated workshops, seminars and professional development opportunities
  • Participation in mentorship with faculty or current in-service high school teacher
  • Meetings with designated advisor at least once per semester

How to Apply for Noyce