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Noyce Teaching Scholarship

What is the Noyce Teaching Scholarship?

It is a grant awarded to Northeastern Illinois University to provide a scholarship, summer learning experiences and programmatic support to talented undergraduate students majoring in Mathematics and Biology Secondary Education and Secondary Education Teacher Licensure candidates in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science. The grant seeks to increase the number of secondary teachers with strong STEM (biology, chemistry, earth, science, physics and math) content knowledge to teach in high-needs school districts. 

Why is it called the Noyce Scholarship?

Robert Noyce was the co-inventor of the integrated circuit and went on to oversee development of the very first microprocessors at a company he co-founded called Intel. Robert Noyce died in 1990, but his legacy lives on. The Robert Noyce Teaching Scholarship Program is an act of Congress originally authorized in 2002 and subsequently reauthorized in 2007 and 2010. The goal of the scholarship is to meet the critical need for K-12 teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics by encouraging talented STEM students and professionals to pursue teaching careers in elementary and secondary schools.

How much money is awarded through the Noyce Scholarship?

Scholarship awards are up to $17,725 per academic year of up to two years to be used for the cost of attendance for every year of award. 

When is the deadline?

There is no deadline to complete the application. You can submit an application at any time throughout the academic year (including summers).

How are Noyce scholars selected?

Scholars are selected based on a competitive application process. This process addresses the interest in teaching secondary education in a STEM area (math, biology, chemistry, physics or earth science) and within high-needs schools. Applicants are asked to share information in an essay about their educational experiences and what they hope to achieve as a Northeastern Illinois University Noyce Scholar. Applicants will be ranked based on their essay by the Noyce Leadership Team, letters of recommendation and interview with members of the Leadership Team. Scholars will be chosen by their combined score on essay, academic and teaching potential and personal interview. 

What is expected of Noyce Scholars?

Noyce Scholars must be committed to participating in all Noyce Scholar courses, research projects, seminars, workshops and other opportunities with a team of Noyce Scholars and faculty as presented upon admission into the Noyce Scholar cohort. In addition, upon graduation, Noyce Scholars are required to teach in a high-needs school district in the equivalent of two years for every one year of Noyce funding. Since the scholarship supports students for up to two years, this means a maximum commitment of four years in teaching.

What does it mean to teach in a “high-needs school district”?

A high-needs school is defined by the Higher Education Act of 1965 as “within the top quartile of secondary schools statewide, as ranked by the number of unfilled, available teacher positions; or is located in an area where at least 30 percent of students come from families with incomes below the poverty line; or an area with a high percentage of out-of-field-teachers, high teacher turnover rate, or a high percentage of teachers who are not certified or licensed.”

What if I fail to meet the teaching requirements after graduation?

Upon acceptance of the Noyce award, students are required to sign an agreement committing to teach in high-needs school districts for two years for every year of Noyce funding. Scholars have eight years to fulfill their commitment. Northeastern will monitor employment and if the teaching requirement is unmet, the scholarship will default into a loan and repayment of scholarship funds will occur.

What long-term support is there for Noyce graduates?

Noyce graduates continue to be supported through the Noyce program once they have graduated and are in the classroom. Scholars will continue to stay in contact with their faculty and local school mentors for the first year after graduation. Scholars are also invited to share experiences in the classroom with each other and with current scholars. Scholars are always welcome back for events at Northeastern.

Noyce STEM Internship

Who can apply?

Northeastern accepts applications from students who are undergraduates with an interest in STEM and particularly interested in exploring a field in STEM education. The program welcome applications from students of Northeastern Illinois University, as well as students from Wilbur Wright and Harry S Truman.

What are the requirements to complete a Noyce STEM Internship?

All Noyce STEM Interns complete a summer internship that exposes them to the teaching profession and connects them with grade 6-12 students and teachers. Interns also participate in a public presentation at the end of the internship and ongoing workshops and seminars throughout the year.

Where are the internships located?

Interns are placed with summer programs in which Northeastern is partnered. These programs include GEAR UP, Upward Bound and other grant-funded programs that connect Noyce Interns with Chicago Public Schools students.

Can students who have never done mathematics or science outreach or teaching apply?

Yes. These students will receive training from Northeastern staff and faculty.

What is involved in the application process?

After students submit their application materials, they receive an email confirming that this step has been completed. The Internship Committee then reviews the application materials and schedules in-person interviews.

When is the deadline?

There is no deadline to complete the application. Students may submit an application at any time throughout the academic year (including summers).

Who can write a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation can come from a high school or community college instructor or current Northeastern faculty member.

How to Apply for Noyce