Study Abroad


Studying abroad is an opportunity of a lifetime. No student will return from this experience unchanged. Northeastern provides a variety of study abroad opportunities depending on your situation, which can range from week-long to year-long options. There are a number of steps to studying abroad. You can apply now or contact us for more information.

The THREE Basic Program Types Offered

  1. Exchange Programs (semester- or year-long at an International Partner University)
  2. Study Tours (short-term, faculty-led)
  3. Student Teaching Abroad (TaLK or EPiK)

1. Exchange Programs

Spend a Fall, Spring (or both) semester(s) at one of our International Partner Universities.

The Most Beneficial Type of Study Abroad

  • Experience living in a different country.
  • All your financial aid benefits apply.
  • Classes are pre-approved before you leave Northeastern.
  • Pay Northeastern tuition and fees.
  • Steps to studying abroad are available online.
  • To apply, download the Study Abroad Form, once completed come by and drop it off at the Office of International Programs at LWH 0008B

2. Study Tours

Study tours provide an opportunity to engage in study abroad for a short period of time. Engage in a rare opportunity to combine travel with study, and obtain credit hours for it. Look for our current list of study tour offerings.

What Is a Study Tour?

  • Study tours are faculty-led programs that last between one and six weeks.
  • They are tied to a class at Northeastern, and sometimes to a class at the study abroad location.
  • Study tours usually take place during University breaks or during part of summer semester.

Study tours are open to students during the academic year and go to many different parts of the world.

3. Student Teaching Abroad

Northeastern offers teaching abroad opportunities in South Korea. Teaching abroad provides applicable experiences, enhances autonomous decision-making skills, and increases competence in problem solving.


Northeastern-TaLK (Teach and Learn in South Korea) takes selected students to South Korea for a six-month practical learning experience while serving as intern teachers. Work with Korean students and teachers to fulfill part of your student teaching and/or clinical experience requirement.


Northeastern-EPIK (English Program in South Korea) is a full-time teaching program that takes Northeastern graduate students with teaching certificates who want to have teaching abroad or living abroad experience before settling down in a school or moving on to the next step of higher education.

Financing Opportunities

There are many ways to obtain funding for studying abroad. If you plan to study abroad, especially in a partner university , all the benefits of your financial aid will apply. There are also many scholarships available for study abroad. Make sure you search online for more options. Just type “study abroad scholarships” into any web browser.