Photo of a presentation during the 2014 Genocide and Human Rights Symposium at NEIU

Our Mission

The Genocide and Human Rights Research in Africa and the Diaspora (GHRAD) Center at Northeastern Illinois University examines the history and manifestations of genocide in Africa and the Black Diaspora to understand the elements that can prevent genocide. Our research and informed action are a contribution to the intercultural understanding that will ensure that genocides will cease to take place in humanity.

Who We Are

The GHRAD Center consists of a group of concerned faculty and students supported by a larger community of friends, together promoting awareness and acting towards the prevention of genocide and other crimes against humanity in Africa.

What We Do

The GHRAD Center aims to: 

  • Organize courses and workshops and offer fellowships for students and scholars 
  • Develop curricula and pedagogies for teachers
  • Organize bimonthly discussions of relevant books, articles and documentaries
  • Hold yearly conference/symposia
  • Organize student-centered activism and debates on social justice and human right issues
  • Collaborate with leading organizations and institutions interested in understanding and stopping crimes against humanity
  • Advocate for public policies to prevent future atrocities