Program Staff

Barbara Sherry

Barbara A. Sherry, J.D.                    
Assistant Provost for Student Success and Retention 
Room C 509
(773) 442-4804

Kerri KadowKerri A. Kadow, M.A.
Administrative Aide 
Room C 510
(773) 442-4297

Course Faculty

FYE Faculty

Each semester many members of the University faculty teach First-Year Experience (FYE) courses. Check out the syllabi page to see who is teaching this semester. Here are some faculty members who have taught FYE courses:

  • Bacino, Leo
  • Ball, James
  • Barnett, Timothy
  • Burnett, Kari
  • Burton, Rachel
  • Cortez, Gabriel
  • Davis, Lesa
  • Davros, Mike
  • Dorantes-Resendiz, Raul
  • Duchaj, Karen
  • Fitchett, Rebecca
  • Gerritson, Sasha
  • Hageman, Jon
  • Hemzacek, Jean
  • Johnson, Brooke
  • Koffman, Elaine
  • Maljak, Kimberly
  • Maso, Emily
  • Matuschka, Christina
  • McFarlin, Maurice
  • Moran, Cyndi
  • Myintoo, Sylvia
  • Natcone, Audrey
  • Porps, Freddy
  • Ramos, Mitzi 
  • Rizzo-Vast, Patricio
  • Sanders, Laura
  • Schroeder, Christopher
  • Schuepfer, Terry
  • Scott, BarBara
  • Sherry, Barbara
  • Simokaitis, Christine
  • Sreenan, Nancy
  • Stirling, Terry
  • Stone, William
  • Tokic, Stijepko
  • Voglesonger, Ken
  • Wheeler, Durene

First-Year Experience Peer Mentors

In order to be part of the First-Year Experience (FYE) Peer Mentor Program, our FYE Peer Mentors must have successfully completed an FYE course, earned a minimum of 24 credit hours, are in good academic standing (3.0 grade point average minimum), and have participated in a rigorous training program. The mentors’ responsibilities include a commitment to the program for an entire academic year, participating in a training program during the summer, coordinating team building activities and fun events for their student group, helping students navigate the campus, and more.

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