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Instructor of Earth Science, Instructor
Earth Science
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
ESCI 121 Introduction to Earth Science
ESCI 123 Environmental Geology
ESCI 306 Rocks & Minerals
ESCI 310 Geology of the Chicago Region
ESCI 311 Mineralogy
ESCI 315 Glacial Geology
ESCI 319 Petrology
ESCI 329 Soil Science
ESCI 411 Clay Mineralogy
ESCI 109 Chicago Rocks! Geology in the City
Research Interests 
Applied Clay Mineralogy, Soil Science, Glacial Geology, Forensic Geology

(Ph.D., ABD, Indiana University)

M.S. Geology/Geochemistry, Northern Illinois University
B.S. Geology, Northern Illinois University


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T (773) 442-5420

F (773) 442-5430

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