The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) program allows non-degree seeking students to take program courses as a student-at-large under certain circumstances, such as completing deficiencies for licensure or complementing your graduate degree. To request approval to take a course as a non-degree seeking student, please provide us with the following information. We will contact you with an answer within five working days of receiving your form.

Seeking permission to register for courses in the following term:
Seeking permission to register for courses in the following year:

Authorization to enroll in courses as a non-degree seeking student in the Master of Public Health program does not constitute admission to the graduate program. Students who wish to pursue a M.P.H. must submit a graduate application to Graduate Admissions. Non-degree seeking students are able to transfer up to 9 credit hours (meaning up to three NEIU public health courses) into the M.P.H. program if they wish to enroll into the program as a degree seeking students. Non-degree seeking students can enroll only in courses for which they have been authorized to take by the Department of Health Sciences and Physical Education. Some program courses are not open to non-degree seeking students.