The M.A. in Community and Teacher Leaders (MACTL) program values diversity, relationships, partnerships, and coalition building among educational settings and the community. The completion of the M.A. in Community and Teacher Leaders prepares students to listen, communicate, collaborate, and serve as agents of change and inclusiveness as it relates to schools and communities.  

What Students do with a Mactl degree

Students will be able to pursue a multitude of career options including:

  • Teacher leaders
  • Educational outreach coordinators
  • School board leadership
  • Department chairs
  • Coaches
  • Professional developers
  • Administrators in community agencies and businesses
  • Community organizers and activists
  • Educational outreach coordinators
  • School and community-based researchers
  • Roles in non-profit leadership and development
  • School board leadership
  • Curriculum developers
  • University employment
  • School and community based mentors
  • Union leadership
  • School improvement committees
  • Continue unto doctoral degrees