Bilingual Endorsement Focus Program

Dr. Amanda Montes: (773) 442-4557,

Community and Teacher Leaders M.A.

Counseling, M.A. Family

Counseling, M.A. Clinical Mental Health

Counseling, M.A. Rehabilitation

Counseling, M.A. School

Addiction Counseling certificate

couple & family counseling certificate

school counseling endorsement

Educational Leadership, M.A. Higher Education

Educational Leadership, M.A. School Leadership

Elementary Education M.A.T.

elementary & middle education (Focus)

Exercise Science M.S.

health education (focus)

Human Resource Development M.A.

Instruction In Language Arts: Secondary Ed M.A.

Literacy Education, M.A.

Middle Level Education, M.A.T.

Physical Education (Focus) (K-12)

Public health m.p.h./graduate certificate

reading teacher endorsement (elementary and secondarY)

Secondary Education, M.A.T. (English)

Secondary Education, M.A.T. (History)

Secondary Education, M.A.T. (mathematics)

Secondary Education, M.A.T. (science)

secondary education (focus) (english, History, mathematics, science)

Special Education M.A. LBS I

LBS I Focus Program Advisor

Special Education M.S. LBS II

LBS II Program Advisor

Teaching and Inquiry M.S.

Teacher Licensure Program TLP Elementary Education

Teacher Licensure Program TLP Secondary Education

teacher licensure program TLP K-12 education Art, Music, and Spanish

visual arts (focus) (K-12)

Urban Community Studies M.A.