Students in Educational Foundations EDFN 306, 307, 406, 407 complete observations and service hours at a Chicago Public School (CPS). Unlike pre-student teaching clinicals and student teaching, EDFN students identify and secure their own CPS field site to complete the course activities in a way that will allow them to fulfill the specific field-based requirements as outlined in the course syllabi.

Instructions for EDFN Field Experience

Within the first two weeks of the semester, students will receive a direction packet prepared by the EDFN Program and CEST Office from their course instructor. This packet details the various steps EDFN students must successfully complete prior to beginning their observation and service hours in a CPS school. All EDFN students must successfully complete the Chicago Public Schools Field Experience Registration process. They also must provide evidence of freedom from tuberculosis and documentation that they have joined a NEIUport CEST Group.

Upon completion of these steps, the student will obtain an authorization packet from the CEST Office. The student then is eligible to go into a CPS school site to complete their observation and service hours. A documentation form on which all observation and service hours are recorded must be submitted to the CEST Office at the end of the semester.

A student may not begin his/her observation and service hours for any EDFN course without receiving an authorization packet from the CEST Office.

For more information regarding EDFN 306, 307, 406, and 407, please visit the EDFN Program.