This GCOE Application Checklist is for those applying to the following undergraduate programs:

  • Elementary Education, Elementary Education with Bilingual Endorsement, Early Childhood Education, Middle Level Education, Special Education, Physical Education, K-12: Music/Art/ Spanish


  • for FALL admission -- July 10
  • for SPRING admission -- October 25
  • for SUMMER admission -- March 25

1.  DECLARATION OF MAJOR FORM is available from your advisor.

  • email the Declaration form (signed off by both your advisor and yourself) to
  • Declaration will remain in GCOE Admissions Office until your application decision day. Your major will be reflected on NEIUport within a few days after your successful admission into GCOE.

2.  TK20 SUBMISSION completed at (choose Application for Undergraduate Admission to Goodwin College of Education)

  • fully fill out and submit it online. It must include IEIN number and a writing sample

3.  ACADEMIC REFERENCES via link in Tk20 (or from Admissions Requirement webpage)

  • provide names and email addresses for TWO professors/instructors who have observed you in an academic setting
  • note that a response from just one professor will be enough to satisfy this item

4.  ILLINOIS FINGERPRINTS* request form is available from GCOE website (scenario C)

  • once requested at Accurate Biometrics, the Illinois result will be faxed directly to GCOE. No other action from student is needed.

5.  FEDERAL FINGERPRINTS* request form is available from GCOE website (scenario C)

  • once requested at Accurate Biometrics, the federal result link will be emailed directly to the student. After downloading from the link, student must forward the result as an email attachment to

* If your fingerprints were sent to CPS (for scenario A and B), you must contact CPS Background Check Department to request the actual copies of your results. Please follow all steps provided online. Once received in an email from CPS, forward both results (Federal and Illinois) to as an attachment.

6.  TRANSCRIPTS are ONLY necessary IF specifically requested by the Office of Admissions

  • GCOE Office of Admissions will check your NEIU transcript for the following 3 requirements: GPA over 2.50; English 101 or 102 with at least a “C”; and Math with at least a “C”.
  • IF your NEIU transcript does not show these items, you might be asked to provide transfer transcripts from your previously attended institutions, in order to prove these requirements. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
  • IF requested, your transfer transcripts must be emailed to: