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Goodwin College of Education Undergraduate Admission Process

1. All candidates must meet the minimum admission requirements below:

  • “C” or better in ENGL-101 OR ENGL-102
  • “C” or better in college level math leading to NEIU math competency (at least 3 credit hours)
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • 30 semester credit hours at NEIU or from a transfer institution

2. All candidates must follow the instructions provided in the link below:

Apply to GCOE

Important Information - Please Read Carefully

  • This process is only for the undergraduate candidates for teacher preparation majors. The candidates for TLP programs, Human Resource Development, Community Health, or Urban Community Studies must contact their advisor for admission.
  • Compiling your application file is a lengthy and detailed process. It might take upwards of two months. Candidates are strongly urged to finalize all tasks well in advance of deadlines to allow themselves time to complete subsequent steps in the admission process.
  • Application deadlines are as follows:
    • for summer semester admission: March 25
    • for fall semester admission: July 10
    • for spring semester admission: Oct. 25 (Note for Special Education candidates: an additional SPED application is required and it is accepted from Sept. 1 through Sept. 30)
  • ALL application items must be on file with the GCOE Office of Admissions by the listed deadline, in order for the application file to be considered complete. The individual components of the application may be submitted early, in separate submissions, rather than all at the same time.
  • Any paper documentation must be converted into digital format and emailed to Scans, PDFs, email attachments, and clear cell pictures are acceptable. No hard copies of any application document are to be dropped off in the Dean's Office. 
  • The progress and status of a candidate's application are communicated via Feedback Tab in the Tk20 (after submission is fully completed there, not just started). Applicants must check in Tk20 for updates and notifications. 
  • Use the Quick Checklist for ALL teacher preparation majors for help with completing the list of items needed for a full application.
  • The Daniel L. Goodwin College of Education expressly reserves the right to consider candidates for admission based on criteria in addition to the admission application. Specifically, the GCOE may deny a student admission based on information that indicates the student lacks professional judgment or has exhibited behavior that calls into question the student's suitability for the teaching profession. Any student denied admission to the GCOE may request review of the determination and will be afforded an opportunity to respond to the information upon which the decision is based. 
  • A candidate’s application file will not be decided upon individually nor immediately after all the items are submitted. Rather, all complete applications to the Goodwin College of Education will be reviewed as a batch by the Admissions, Retention and Appeals (ARA) Committee during their monthly meetings. The exact date of the ARA review will be announced in the Feedback Tab of the candidate’s Tk20 submission. Candidates will be notified of the ARA official admission decision via their NEIU email.

For application questions, please contact:

GCOE Undergraduate Admissions Office - Marlena Kruk, Admissions Specialist
Daniel L. Goodwin College of Education
Lech Walesa Hall Room 4045
(773) 442-5509


Please contact the Department of Educational Inquiry & Curriculum Studies at (773) 442-5586 in LWH 4010 and provide them with scanned copies of the syllabi and your transcript from the college/university from which you are seeking to transfer credit.