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Advisor Amie Jatta (left) meets with a student in her office.

Every student in the College of Education is assigned an Advisor, a full-time professional within the Office of the Dean of the College of Education. They are prepared to assist students across the spectrum of our various programs.

For most students, advisors will be their primary source of curricular and academic guidance. The most effective advising relationships are those in which advisor and advisee know each other well, so students should be prepared to speak candidly about their goals and challenges with their advisor.

Our advisors can help students navigate our programs and point them to resources that can make the college experience more enjoyable.

Goodwin College of Education Advisors

Ebony Jiminez Lee (773) 442-5933 LWH-0016

  • Special Education (LSB1)
  • Focus (LBS)
  • Bilingual/Bicultural

Marianne Morrissey (773) 442-4159 PE- 1131

  • Community Health
  • Physical Education
  • Teacher Licensure Program (Secondary Education- PE)
  • Early Childhood

Mike Bochnewych (773) 442-5387 LWH- 0018

  • Secondary Education
  • Teacher Licensure Program (Secondary Education)

Russell Wartalski (773) 442-5504 LWH-4046

  • Human Resource Development

Sean Condon (773) 442-5374 LWH-0019

  • Elementary Education
  • Teacher Licensure Program (Elementary Education)
  • Middle School

Zada Johnson (773) 268-7500 CCICS

  • Inner City Studies


Contact the GCOE Dean's Office

T (773) 442-5500

F (773) 442-5510

Contact the GCOE Dean's Office

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