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Assistant Professor, PE Program Facilitator & Assessment Coordinator, Assistant Professor
Health Sciences and Physical Education
College of Education
Courses Taught 
PEMT 151: Fundamentals of Rhythm
PEMT 201: Introduction to Principles & Methods in Physical Education
PEMT 203: Fitness Education
PEMT 206: Socio-Cultural Influences on Physical Activity
PEMT 303: Adapted Physical Education and Recreation
PEMT 307: Assessment in Physical Education
PEMT 343: Foundations of Physical Education for Elementary Schools
Research Interests 
African-American adolescent females' perspectives of dance and sport.

Physical Education/Kinesiology Pedagogy, PhD
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Physical Education/Kinesiology Pedagogy, MEd
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Dance and Physical Education, BA (with teacher certification)
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Performing Arts, BAPA
Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI

Selected Publications 

Maljak, K., Garn, A., McCaughtry, N., Kulik, N., Martin, J., Shen, B., Whalen, L., & Fahlman, M. (2014). Challenges in offering inner-city after-school physical activity clubs. American Journal of Health Education, 45(5), 297-307.


Garn, A., McCaughtry, N., Kulik, N.L., Kaseta, M., Maljak, K., Whalen, L., Shen, B., Martin, J., & Fahlman, M. (2014). Successful after-school physical activity clubs in urban high schools: Perspectives of adult leaders and student participants. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 33, 112-133. 


Whalen, L., McCaughtry, N., Garn, A., Kulik, N., Centeio, E.E., Maljak, K., …Martin, J.  (2016). Why inner-city high school students attend after-school physical activity clubs.  Health Education Journal 75(6), 639-651.



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