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Associate Professor
Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
College of Education
Courses Taught 
EDFN 306: Individual Differences and Human Development
EDFN 307: Psychology of Instruction and Learning
EDFN 406: Human Development and Learning
EDFN 407: Learning Theories and Educational Practices
EDFN 411A: Comparative Education: Higher Education
EDFN 411B: Comparative Ed. Leadership
LEAD 429: Research in Educational Leadership
Research Interests 

The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Educational Psychology
Dissertation: Educational Resilience: Mediating Factors of Adolescents' Adversity
Advisor: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D.

Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Counseling Psychology

Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


Dr. Makris's research interests and expertise employs a positivist approach and lie within identifying the resilient abilities of adolescents to overcome daily adversity and violence as it appears within families, friends, schools and communities. Also of interest is the systemic empowering of the individual to prevent and respond to social ostracism and bullying.


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