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Associate Professor, Counselor Education and Faculty Advisor, Rehabilitation Counseling (M-Z), Associate Professor
Counselor Education
College of Education
Courses Taught 
COUN-404 Assessment & Evaluation in Counseling
COUN-408 Research Seminar
COUN-427 Diagnostic Systems for Counseling
COUN-433 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling
COUN-434 Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Counseling
COUN-435 Work and Disability
COUN-436 Case Management in Rehabilitation Counseling
Research Interests 
To be added.

The Ohio State University
Philosophy, Rehabilitation Services Emphasis, Ph.D.

Bowling Green State University
Rehabilitation Counseling, MRC

Bowling Green State University
Psychology, B.A.

Selected Publications 

Johnston, C.S. (2012). Applying the severity ratings of the Mental Residual Functional Capacity
form to sustained remunerative employment. The Rehabilitation Professional, 20(1), 33-40.
Johnston, C.S. (2011). The vocational evaluator as an expert in social security. Vocational
Evaluators and Career Assessment Professionals 14th National Issues Forum.
Johnston, C.S. (2010). The vocational evaluator in the forensic arena: Standards of Admissibility.
VECAP, 6(2), 34-44.
Johnston, C.S. (2010). Rehabilitation Administration Long-Term Training Grant. United States
Department of Education.
Johnston, C.S. (2010). Connecting work temperaments to the Social Security Administration‟s
Mental Residual Capacity form. The Rehabilitation Professional, 18(4), 197-206.
Johnston, C. S. (2006). The need for a formal training program for vocational experts. The
Rehabilitation Professional
Johnston, C.S. (2005). Establishing a formal training program to prepare rehabilitation counselors
for expert testimony. Dissertation Abstracts International (citation information pending).
Johnston, C. S., & Growick, B. S. (2003). Utilizing vocational experts in employment
discrimination cases. Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, 6(1), 27-40.
Johnston, C. S. (July/August/September 2003). Standards of practice: Daubert, Kuhmo, ethics, and
the vocational expert. The Rehabilitation Professional, 11(3), 48-57.
Johnston, C.S., & Growick, B.S. (2003). The use of vocational experts by the Ohio Industrial
Commission: Building a better employability assessment. Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis,
6(2), 113-125.
Johnston, C. S., & Klein, M. A. (2002). Ethical dilemmas for the vocational expert: pathways to
resolution. Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, 4 (1), 47-55.
Johnston, C. S., & Growick, B. S. (June 17, 2002). Using vocational experts in employment bias
cases. Ohio Lawyers Weekly 3-13.
Growick, B. S., & Johnston, C. J. (2002). Reaction to Caragonne‟s „The concept of peer review:
purpose, use and standards‟. In Field, T. F. & Stein, D. B. (Eds.), Scientific vs. non-scientific and
related issues of admissibility of testimony by rehabilitation consultants. (87-89). Athens, GA:
Elliott & Fitzpatrick.
Johnston, C. S. (December 9, 2002). The vocational expert in workers‟ compensation litigation.
Ohio Lawyers Weekly.

Selected Exhibitions 

"Forensic 101: Basic Training for Rehab Counselors and Life Care Planners". Presented to the
International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals. Las Vegas, NV. Nov 3, 2011.
"The Evaluator – Expert: Assessing Employability in the Forensic Setting". Presented to the
Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals National Issues Forum. Oklahoma
City, OK. April 8, 2010.
“Comprehensive and Defensible Vocational Assessments”. Presented to the Illinois Chapter of the
International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (ILARP). Chicago, IL. September 18,
“Identifying and Defending Against Poor Vocational Methodology”. Presented to the Ohio Self
Insured Association. Columbus, OH. June, 2008.
“Writing for Publication”. Presented to the International Association of Rehabilitation
Professionals, 2008 Annual Conference. May 18, 2008.
“Creating a Formal Training Program for Vocational Experts”. Presented to the International
Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, 2006 Annual Conference May 18, 2006.
“Forensic Vocational Analysis in State Workers‟ Compensation” Panel Presentation to the
International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, 2004 Annual Conference May 15, 2004
“The Rehabilitation Expert in the Courtroom”. Presented to the Texas Tech Rehabilitation
Counseling Program as an invited guest lecturer, March 3, 2004.
“Preparing for the American Board of Vocational Expert‟s Examination: Knowledge Enhancement
Seminar”. Presented to individuals applying for membership with the American Board of
Vocational Experts, November, 2003.
“Preparing for Journal Publication”. Presented to the American Board of Vocational Experts Fall
2002 Semi-Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, VA.
“Evolution of Rehabilitation Counselor Education: Meeting the Demand of the Private Sector”.
Presented to the National Council of Rehabilitation Educators 2002 Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ



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