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College of Education
Courses Taught 
HRD 202 Career and Life Planning I
HRD 301 Adult Teaching/Learning Process
HRD 320 Dynamics of Working with Groups and Individuals
HRD 325 WIP: Communication in HRD
HRD 329 Internship and Seminar in HRD
HRD 403 Presentation and Facilitation Strategies for HRD
HRD 405 Needs and Task Analysis in HRD
HRD 411 Consulting in HRD
HRD 415 Seminar in HRD
HRD 416 Practicum in HRD
HRD 418F Topical Seminar: Group Dynamics in HRD
Research Interests 
How to foster lifelong learning attitudes while cultivating interpersonal, functional and cognitive skills that will add value to the changing performance needs of organizations. What will empower students globally to obtain and sustain rewarding Human Resource Development careers?

M.A. Human Resource Development, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

B.A. Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Program Support Staff

Program Support Staff

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