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Important information regarding International Students registering for the edTPA

When registering for the edTPA, International Students without a valid SSN should not enter any number (including a temporary number assigned by the NYCDOE) and leave the SSN section blank. You will then receive a message that states "The SSN that you entered is not valid. If you do not have a valid SSN, please click here". In the next window you must acknowledge that you have no valid SSN. The system will then let you proceed with the registration process. 

Handbook Release

(NEW) edTPA Handbook release for years 2016-17

Guidelines for Candidate Feedback

edTPA Guidelines for Acceptable Candidate Support

School name and/or logo included in the video segments

After consulting with SCALE, they recommended that as long as the city and state are unknown, it is not necessary to hide school names or logo. Please, consult with edTPA coordinators when there are circuntances beyond the candidate's control. Send an email to

Diverse Issues in Higher Education Article
Making Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Relevant to Aspiring Teachers

It is important for faculty and candidates to have access to the D2L edTPA community. If you do not have access to this online community through your D2L account please send an email to and ask to be included in this online community. Please, include your full name, program and NEIU ID# in your email.

edTPA Score Report dates

Please, see the report dates. Please, remember that for TK20 recommendations candidates need to submit through TK20 five days before the due date established by SCALE. Here


Additional candidate and faculty support information: Click Here

edTPA lesson plan template

  • ISBE Information for Faculty: Click Here
  • Understanding Your edTPA Score Profile: Click here

Your edTPA Score Profile is provided to you with information about how to read the profile. You may also review the sample annotated edTPA Score Profile provided here. Refer to the edTPA submission requirements, which describe the technical quality and other issues related to uploaded files and artifacts to help you understand what is required in creating and submitting an assessment that can be scored.

  • Illinois Passing Scores: Click Here
  • Granting Extensions for Portfolios in TK20: Click Here
  • SCALE/Stanford:

  • edTPA Scorer information:

  • American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education: edTPA Resource library. In this library you can find all updates handbooks, thinking behind the rubric, templates, guidelines for acceptable candidate support, and understanding rubric progression. This library is only for instructors.

  • Illinois edTPA On-boarding: Welcome to the Illinois Teacher Performance Assessment Committee’s edTPA On-boarding Web Site. This site is designed to provide those new to Illinois and/or new to the edTPA assessment a resource for learning about the assessment and a ready reference for getting up to speed with edTPA in Illinois.
    We hope you find the site useful and we are always looking to improve the site. As you become more familiar with edTPA, undoubtedly you’ll recognize elements and resources you wish had been on the site. Please let us know what those are! We are happy to continue to update the site and make it as useful as possible.
  • edTPA Frequent Questions:


  • edTPA Fact Sheet:

EdTPA Fact Sheet

  • Handbook alignment with scores:

Handbook Alignment with scores

  • edTPA Scavenger Hunt Assignment, please click here.

(This is being posted as a Word document so that it can be tailored to the specific needs of each department.)


Contact the GCOE Dean's Office

T (773) 442-5500

F (773) 442-5510

Contact the GCOE Dean's Office

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