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The program requires 36 credit hours taken over two years.

Year 1
LEAD 413: Human Relations and Leadership (3 cr.)
LEAD 421: Educational Leadership and Organizational Studies (3 cr.)
LEAD 429: Research Design & Analysis of Educational Data (3 cr.)
COUN 468H: Student Personnel Work in Higher Education (3 cr.)
LEAD 491: Foundations of Higher Education (3 cr.)
Elective (3 cr.)

Year 2
LEAD 492: Resources, Institutional Planning and Finance in Higher Education (3 cr.)
LEAD 493: The Law in Higher Education (3 cr.)
LEAD 495: Practicum in Higher Education (3cr.)
Three Electives (3 cr. each)

Program Structure

  • Two-year program (2 semesters and a full summer term each year)
  • Students enroll for two courses each semester
  • Classes held Tuesday evenings, the first from 4:15-6:55pm and the second from 7:05-9:45pm
  • Electives for the ENLACE Fellowship and the general Higher Education concentration include:
    LEAD 496B: The Problematic Pipeline-Latinos and Latinas in Higher Education
    LEAD 496C: Critical Policy Issues in Latino Higher Education
    LEAD 496D: Current Global Issues and the Latino Community

Literacy, Leadership, and Development

Program Support Staff

Program Support Staff

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