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Educational Leadership and Development
College of Education
Courses Taught 
HRD 300: Principles and Practices in HRD
HRD 310: Instructional Techniques and Technology
HRD 320: Dynamics of Working with Groups and Individuals
HRD 325: WIP: Communication in HRD
HRD 329: Internship and Seminar in HRD
HRD 400: HRD and the Organization
HRD 405: Needs and Task Analysis in HRD
HRD 406: Instuctional Design in HRD
HRD 415: Seminar in HRD
HRD 416: Practicum in HRD
Research Interests 
Adult Learning/Workplace Education and Performance Improvement

M.A., Northeastern Illinois University

B.A., Western Illinois University


Program Support Staff

Program Support Staff

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