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The Human Resource Development (HRD) Program offers courses of study leading to a minor in Human Resource Development, to prepare professionals who will be responsible for the training, education, and development of adults, in settings such as business, industry, health care, social service, and government. Students in the program will be provided opportunities to develop the knowledge and competencies necessary to meet the increasing needs that organizations have for HRD professionals. Competencies that have been identified by professional organizations have been carefully considered in the development of specific objectives for the course work in the program.

Admission to the Program 

For more details on HRD courses, program requirements, faculty and additional resources contact:

Dr. Russell Wartalski
Undergraduate Advisor (Main Campus)
LWH 4018

Dr. Shirley Caruso
Undergraduate Advisor (University Center Lake County)
(773) 938-NEIU (6348) 

The HRD Minor

The minor in HRD allows students to combine their interests in psychology, business, communication, social services, education, and political science with the study of the field of Human Resource Development and the development of skills important for practitioners in the field.

Course Requirements for the HRD Minor
Please note that all courses are 3 cr hours unless 

Required Courses and Electives (18 total hours):

HRD-300 Principles and Practices in Human Resource Development

HRD-301 Adult Teaching/Learning Process

HRD-310 Instructional Techniques and Technology

HRD-320 Dynamics of Working with Groups and Individuals

HRD Electives*—6 credits

*Each student, after consultation with the HRD Undergraduate advisor, will select 6 additional credit hours. The selection of courses will be guided by the student’s career objectives and will focus on competencies relevant to them. Electives may include HRD courses or relevant courses from other departments. Electives can sometimes be found in a student’s transfer credits. All selections must be approved by the HRD undergraduate advisor.

HRD electives may include courses such as:

HRD-315 Computer Utilization in Human Resource Development

HRD-321 Designing Instruction in Human Resource Development

HRD-325 Communication and Human Resource Development

HRD-362 Instructional Media in Human resource Development

HRD-390 Computer Based Training

Literacy, Leadership, and Development

Program Support Staff

Program Support Staff

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