Northeastern Illinois University’s bachelor’s in Computer Science degree provides students with a broad-based theoretical and practical understanding of the field. Students who complete the Computer Science degree program are prepared to pursue graduate study or to pursue careers in software engineering and technical programming. Graduates leave the program with a firm grasp on how to use computer systems and related technologies to solve industry challenges.

Computer Science Courses and Concentrations

The Computer Science major requires 48 hours of coursework, including at least 36 hours of 300-level courses. Students should also be aware of the University requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

There are three concentration tracks within the Computer Science undergraduate program:

Computer Science Concentration

This concentration is designed primarily for students intending to pursue an advanced degree in Computer Science. Students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in Computer Science should also plan on completing Calculus II and are also advised to take a course in Linear Algebra. Classes in this concentration include Theory Of Computation, Fundamentals Of Computer Graphics, and Cryptography.

Computer Networks and Security Concentration

This concentration is designed to prepare students for employment in computer security or a related field. Classes include CyberSecurity, Secure Programming and Testing, and Cyberlaw.

Information Technology Concentration

This concentration is designed to prepare students for employment involving web development and/or computer network design and maintenance. Classes include Event-Driven Programming, Server Side Web Development, and Mobile Application Development.

NEIU Student Life

Northeastern Illinois University is home to students from all corners of the world and is one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the nation. NEIU students are proud to be a part of such an inclusive community.

The NEIU Advantage

NEIU’s affordability, small class sizes, flexible schedules, and dedicated faculty all contribute to student success. Northeastern pays close attention to the needs of students.

Student Clubs

There is rarely a dull moment at NEIU. Computer Science majors at have over 70 chartered student organizations to choose from, including cultural, academic and pre-professional, media, Greek-letter, and many more. With so many student organizations on campus representing a wide range of interests, each and every student has an opportunity to get involved.

Careers in Computer Science

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NEIU leave with a strong knowledge of algorithmic techniques, as well as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and computer programming skills. They are also able to perform mathematical analysis of computer programs. These skills are crucial for the many potential careers in Computer Science, such as:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Computer Networking Professional
  • IT Project Manager
  • Web Developer

Earn Your Computer Science Degree at NEIU

Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree holders will enter the expanding, exciting field of Computer Science equipped with the skills to succeed. Apply to the program now, or call NEIU’s Computer Science department at (773) 442-4720.