MBA Professional Development Seminar

Supply Chain Trends: A Look at the Supply Chain of the Next Decade & Beyond

Time/Date: 5:30-7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018
Room: CBM 113
Presenter: Mr. Richard Gendon
Abstract: Throughout history the aggregation of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and merchants, we now refer to as the Supply Chain has continued to transition and transform itself to meet the ever changing requirements of the environment in which it operates. Currently, in order to address the evermore dynamic external environment most companies are engaged in some form of Supply Chain Planning and Management. However, the ability to develop salient plans for the future depends on having some basis for understanding the elements that are likely to shape the future. Further, the ability to rationally plan for a future career in Supply Chain/Operations Management, as well as in industry in general, is also somewhat dependent on an understanding of future trends that will affect industry and the nature of work.

This presentation will cover current trends that impact and will impact Supply Chain Execution and Management, those factors that are likely to impact these current trends, what the new Supply Chain will look like, and the types of changes in Supply Chain Management that the future Supply Chain will likely require. Specifically, this presentation looks at business in general, demographic, social, environmental, economic and technological movements to forecast factors that are likely to cause current Supply Chain trends to shift direction. In forecasting these shifts, the presentation discusses what change will look like in terms of future challenges and opportunities, and importantly, the SCM skill sets, tools, processes, and tactics that will be necessary to navigate the challenges and realize the opportunities. The presentation concludes with an overview that discusses how the tools of the future Supply Chan will fit into the integrated Enterprise of the future, and explains how certain specific knowledge and preparations will be essential to individuals and companies in the ever evolving New Normal.

Speaker Bio

Mr. Gendon’s twentyfive plus years of consulting experience, in both the private and public sectors, has centered on bridging organizational planning to functional execution. As consultant, his career has covered a broad span of functional interests and industry segments. A sample of past projects have included: turnaround management; city planning reviews; system reviews, improvements and implementations (including ERP, MRP, CMMS/MRO, Advanced Planning and SCM); manufacturing process engineering/process development; general management and functional process improvement initiatives; and ISO reviews and implementations. Industry segments have included Agriculture, Environmental, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Marketing, Software Development, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Package Goods and numerous Distributors and Manufacturers.

Currently, Mr. Gendon is the Managing Director of the Center for Professional Management and actively participates in KBWM, LLC, a Cincinnati based private investment group. Mr. Gendon also serves on the Board of Directors of APICS-Chicago, the Northeastern Illinois University College of Business and Management’s Advisory Board, and the Illinois Institute of Technology School of Applied Technology, Industrial Technology and Management Program’s Advisory Board.

Research seminar on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Northeastern community is invited to attend the research seminar in the College of Business and Management given below:

Time/Date: 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017
Room: CBM 149
Presenter: Ms. Eda Anlamlier, Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing, University of Illinois at Chicago
Title: Boosting Material Products’ Value via Posting Product Pictures on Social Media: An Experiential Transfer Perspective

Abstract: Material purchases provide short-lived enjoyment and satisfaction compared to experiential purchases. Extant literature identifies various reasons for this difference, including that experiential purchases are more social, are more enjoyable to talk about, and are more closely integrated with one’s identity than material purchases. However, the boundary between the two consumption types is often fuzzy. I investigate conspicuous consumption on social media as a means by which product owners can transform their own product perceptions from material to experiential. In addition to merely posting product pictures on social media, I investigate the influence of sharing brand information along with product pictures and of garnering social feedback afterwards. My results show that material products’ conspicuous consumption improves the owners’ consumption experience by elevating the product value at the post purchase phase. I demonstrate sharing brand information and garnering social feedback boosts products’ experiential characteristics, namely social value, narrative fulfillment, and selfcentrality, that, in turn, positively impact owners’ product liking and product status perception. However, in some situations, conspicuous consumption can hinder experiential transformation and value elevation. Hence, I will inspect a boundary condition where narrative fulfillment is decreased after posting a product picture on social media and, in turn, spoil the consumption experience. I examine these predictions across a series of four experiments. This research has the potential to shed light on the experiential transformation of material products, impact of social media on product perceptions, and post-purchase dynamics associated with conspicuous consumption.

Research seminar on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Northeastern community is invited to attend the research seminar in the College of Business and Management given below:

Time/Date: 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017
Room: CBM 149
Presenter: Mr. Yilong Luo, Ph.D. Candidate in Management Science, Stuart School of Business, IIT
Title: Consumer Showrooming, Price Matching, and Manufacturer's Response

Abstract: Consumers' "showrooming" behavior poses a threat to brick-and-mortar stores. In our paper, we study when the price matching policy is effective in mitigating this behavior and enhancing stores' profits. First, we show that price matching may benefit stores when the search cost and mismatch risk are intermediate. Second, we show that under some search cost conditions, the manufacturer can benefit from price matching and, therefore, she has incentives to motivate the offline store to adopt this policy by sharing her additional profits.


Come watch our very own CoBM students present their new product ideas and marketing plans, presented by Prof. Shabnam Zanjani's class of MKTG 350 - Principles of Marketing in Spring, 2017.
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at 12:15-1:30pm 
Location: At the CoBM Lounge - Dr. Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall


Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017, 3-4 p.m., CBM 149

10 Points You MUST Cover for a FEASIBLE Business Idea
Build and manage your business idea correctly - from the START!  
Learn whether your idea can succeed.
Strengthen feasible ideas. Tweak your vision for success.
The Career Development Center and the SBA provides business start up kits and business funding information, 4-5.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017, 3-4 p.m., CBM 149

7 Ways SBA Research Grants Help Entrepreneurs like You!
Learn how Small Business Administration SBIR and STTR program grants encourage small businesses to undertake research and development projects that meet federal R&D objectives and have high potential for commercialization.
The Career Development Center and the SBA provides SBIR and STTR program grant and additional grant information, 4-5.


Come watch our very own CoBM students present their new product ideas and marketing plans, presented by Prof. Shabnam Zanjani's classes of MKTG 350 - Principles of Marketing in Fall, 2016.
Date/Time: Monday, December 5, 2016 at 12:55-2:10pm and 7:05-8:20pm
Location: At the CoBM Lounge - Dr. Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall

NEIU / APICS Club Meeting, November 9, 2016

Topic: Increase Your Lifelong Earnings by Thousands $$$$
Presenter: Professor Patrick J. Delaney, APICS CFPIM, Deloitte Partner, Caterpillar Consultant, and NEIU Alumnus
Room: CBM 149
Date/Time: Nov. 9, 2016 at 3-4 p.m.

NEIU / APICS CLUB Field trip, octoBER 8, 2016

The APICS Club is organizing a field trip to Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana. Students can sign up now on a first-come first-served basis. Please come and join us for this exciting adventure!

About Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana
Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana is a world-famous farming operation. It was featured in the Fortune Magazine for its sustainable operations. We want students to get a chance to explore the mechanics of this operation and learn about operations management as a profitable career.
Location: Fair Oaks Farms, 856 N 600 E, Fair Oaks, IN 47943
Date: Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016

  • 7:50 am      Meet at the College of Business and Management- Student Lounge Doors
  • 8:00 am     Bus departs NEIU
  • 10:30 am      Arrive at the farm
  • 11:00 am      Bus tour of the Milking Operations
  • 12:00 pm      Lunch
  • 2:00 pm      Bus tour of the Pig Farm Operations
  • 3:30 pm      Get together to leave
  • 4:00 pm      Bus departs the farm
  • 6:00 pm     Bus arrives at NEIU

Field-trip fee: $5 due to the Dean’s Office by Oct. 4, 2016.

Open to current NEIU students.
Please fill out the form (see attached file) and turn it in to the Dean’s Office in CBM 184 by Oct. 4, 2016. Please contact Alicia Mendoza, President of the APICS Club, at for any questions.