College of Business and Management
Mission, Vision and Goals


The College of Business and Management provides quality and accessible undergraduate and graduate education to a diverse community of students from metropolitan Chicago and beyond. Our multicultural faculty prepares students for professional careers in an increasingly interconnected world. The college emphasizes cognitive and experiential learning, research (predominantly applied and pedagogical), and urban leadership through service.


We aspire to become a leading metropolitan college of business, recognized for the quality of our academic programs and our graduates, as well as for our contributions to Chicago, a major center for global business.


Strategic Goal One: Student Success

Our goal is to attract, educate and graduate students who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a diverse, global business environment.

Strategic Goal Two: Academic Excellence

Our objective is to foster high-quality, curricular and pedagogical activities aligned with the mission of the college.

Strategic Goal Three: Faculty and Staff Development

Our goal is to enhance the quality of faculty and staff by providing opportunities for continuous development in order to become a recognized metropolitan college of business and an employer of choice.

Strategic Goal Four: Fiscal Strength

Our goal is to continuously improve the college’s financial position by diversifying and enhancing revenue sources.

Strategic Goal Five: College Operations

Our objective is to enhance technological operations, the physical infrastructure and environmental awareness in order to provide a supportive teaching, learning and working environment.

Strategic Goal Six: Collaboration with Internal and External Parties

Our goal is to develop, maintain and enhance collaborative relationships with other units of our university community; with federal, state, and local governments; and with business communities in Chicago and beyond.