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College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
Hist 111B: World History, West 1500-Present
Hist 300A: Ancient Greece
Hist 300B: Ancient Rome
Hist 302A: Age of the Renaissance
Hist 302B: Age of the Reformation
Research Interests 
Renaissance Historiography

University of Chicago

History, Ph.D., 1980

Selected Publications 

Birth of the Past (Johns Hopkins, 2011)

Humanism and the Renaissance (Houghton Milfflin, 2002)

Information Ages: Leteracy, Numeracy, and the Computer Revolution, with Michael E. Hobart (Johns Hopkins, 1998)

On the Threshold of Modernity: Relativism in the French Renaissance (Johns Hopkins, 1991)

Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff

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