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GIS Coordinator / Geography Advisor, Assistant Professor
Geography and Environmental Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
GES 291: GIS Across Disciplines
GES 302K: Regional Geography: East Asia
GES 313: Land Use and Land Cover Change
GES 351: Spatial Statistics
GES 383: Internship in G&ES
GES 387: Interactive Cartography
GES 388: Field Camp
GES 390: Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing
GES 395: GIS Internship
GES 416: GIS for Natural Systems Management
GES 417: Urban Information Systems
GES 442: Geographic Problems in Quantitative Measurements
Research Interests 
GIS, Remote Sensing, and Land Change Modeling

Ph.D., Geography, Florida State University

M.S., Geographic Information Science, Florida State University

B.S., Urban and Rural Planning, Resource Management, Peking University, Beijing, China

Selected Publications 

Liu, T. and Yang, X. 2015. Land change modeling: status and challenges. In: J. Li and X. Yang (Eds), Monitoring and Modeling of Global Changes: A Geomatics Perspective. Dordrecht: Springer.     

Liu, T. and Yang, X. 2015. Monitoring land changes in an urban area using satellite imagery, GIS and landscape metrics. Applied Geography, 56:42-54

Liu, T. and Yang, X. 2013. Mapping vegetation in an urban area with stratified classification and multiple endmember spectral mixture analysis. Remote Sensing of Environment, 130:251-264

Liu, T. and Yang, X. 2012. Geospatial modeling of urban landscape changes through an agent-based approach. Proceedings of the 2012 AutoCarto International Symposium on Automated Cartography, Columbus, Ohio, September 16-18, 2012

Zhao, T., Brown, D., Fang, H., Theobald, D., Liu, T., and Zhang, T. 2012. Vegetation productivity consequences of human settlement growth in the eastern United States. Landscape Ecology, 27(8):1149-1165

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