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Undergraduate Advisor, Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Feminist Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Science
Courses Taught 
PHIL 102-Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 213-Ethics
PHIL 373-Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 311-Writing Intensive Program: Arguing Philosophically
PHIL 375-Philosophy of Science
PHIL-371 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL-353 Feminism and the Philosophy of Science
Research Interests 
Stereotypes, Bias, Epistemic Injustice, The Self, Personhood, The Under-representation of Women in Philosophy

B.A. Liberal Arts, St. John's College (Annapolis, MD)

Ph.D Philosophy, Boston University 

Selected Publications 

Overcoming Epistemic Injustice, Co-Editor, Forthcoming (Rowman & Littlefield)


Arts and Sciences

Philosophy Faculty and Staff

T (773) 443-5870

Philosophy Faculty and Staff

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