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Animal Parasitologist, Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
Animal Parasitology
Parasites and Human Health
General Biology II
Essential Skills for Biologists
Senior Seminar in Biology
Biological Literature - Graduate
Research Interests 
Parasite and disease ecology, Food web ecology and bioenergetics, Mathematical biology and modeling, Evolution of hosts and parasites, physiological ecology, tropical biodiversity and conservation

Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder

B.S. University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Selected Publications 

Orlofske, S.A., Jadin, R.C., Hoverman, J.T., Johnson, P.T.J. 2014. Predation and disease: understanding the effects of predators at several trophic levels on pathogen transmission. Freshwater Biology

Johnson, P.T.J., Koprivnikar, J., Orlofske, S.A., Melbourne, B.A., LaFonte, B.E. 2014. Making the right choice: testing the drivers of asymmetric infections within hosts and their consequences for pathology. Oikos.

Preston, D.L., Jacobs, A.Z., Orlofske, S.A., Johnson, P.T.J. 2013. Complex life cycles in a pond food web: effects of life stage structure and parasites on network properties, trophic positions and the fit of a probabilistic niche model. Oecologia 174:953-965. 

Joseph, M.B., Mihaljevic, J.R., Orlofske, S.A. Paull, S.H. 2013. Does life history mediate changing disease risk when communities disassemble? Ecology Letters 16:1405-1412.

Pinto, H.A., Jadin, R.C., Orlofske, S.A., Johnson, P.T.J., Melo, A.L. 2013. Biomphalaria straminea (Mollusca: Planorbidae) as an Intermediate host of Ribeiroia (Trematoda: Psilostomidae) in Brazil. Journal of Parasitology 99:914-918.

Preston, D.L., Orlofske, S.A., Lambden, J.P., Johnson, P.T.J. 2013. Biomass and productivity of parasites in pond ecosystems. Journal of Animal Ecology 82:509-517

Orlofske, S.A., Belden, L.K., Hopkins, W.A. 2013. Larval wood frog (Rana [=Lithobates] sylvatica) development and physiology following infection with the trematode parasite, Echinostoma trivolvis. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 164:529-536.

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