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Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Public Finance
Urban Economics
Intermediate Micro Economics
Research Interests 
Urban Economics, Local Public Finance, Agglomeration Economies

PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Selected Publications 

“The Growth of In-Kind Education Transfers: Explaining How Households without Children Have Supported Schools” (w/ H. Kurban and J. Persky) [forthcoming, Public Finance Review]

“The Fiscal Externality of Multifamily Housing and its Impact on the Property Tax: Evidence from Cities and Schools: 1980 - 2010”, Regional Science and Urban Economics.  60, 2016: 249 – 259.

“Demographic Changes and Education Expenditures: A Reinterpretation” (w/ H. Kurban & J. Persky), Economics of Education Review.  45(1), 2015: 103 – 108. 

“An Examination of Cannibalization Effects within the Riverboat Gaming Industry: The Case of Illinois-Area Casinos”, Growth and Change. 45(1), 2014: 41 – 59.

“Shipping Costs, Information Costs, and the Sources of Industrial Co-Agglomeration”, Journal of Regional Science.  53(2), 2013: 304 – 331.

Small Homes, Public Schools, and Property Tax Capitalization(w/ H. Kurban & J. Persky), Regional Science and Urban Economics.  63(2), 2013: 622 – 428.

Estimating Local Redistribution Through Property-Tax-Funded School Systems(w/ H. Kurban & J. Persky),
National Tax Journal.  65(3), 2012: 629 – 652.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Small-Area Cross-Tabulations” (w/ H. Kurban, G. A. Kurban, & J. Persky), CityScape. 13(3), 2011: 225 – 235. 

Additional Information 

Arts and Sciences

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