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Graduate Advisor, Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Syntax, semantics, noun phrase structure and meaning, origin of language
Courses Taught 
LING 401: Fundamentals of Modern Linguistics
LING 405: Typology
LING 422: Phonology
LING 427: Morphology
LING 435: Semantics
LING 437: Introduction to Generative Grammar
LING 438: Syntax
LING 447/347: Origin of Language
LING 475: Historical and Comparative Linguistics
LING 499: Thesis Seminar
Research Interests 
Syntax and semantics of noun phrases, numeral classifiers, number, definiteness, Crow, Persian, theory of grammar, the origin of language

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Northwestern University

Arts and Sciences

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