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College of Arts and Sciences
Media studies, cultural studies, women's studies
Courses Taught 
CMTM 467: Special Topics in Film and Television
CMTM 380A: Television Genres
CMTM 377: Gender and Media
CMTM 376: Television History
CMTM 365: Contemporary Issues in Mass Media
CMTM 364A: Writing for Media - The Sitcom
CMTM 160: Introduction to Cinema
CMTC 101: Public Speaking
WGS 310: Lesbian and Queer Cultures: Identities, Histories, and Resistance
Research Interests 
Television and ideologies of everyday life; mediated representations of gender, race, class, etc.; spectacles of gender ideology; representations of the body

Ph.D., Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern University 1992

M.A., Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern University 1985

B.A., Speech Communication, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1983

Selected Publications 

 “What Puts the ‘Me’ in Media? An Umphaloskeptic Meditation on Television and Identity.” In Speaking Up and Acting Out: Women and the Media, ed. Ann Russo and Sandra Jackson. Peter Lang, Inc., 2002.

 (with Elizabeth Kelly) “In Goldilocks’ Footsteps:  Exploring the Discursive Construction of Gay Masculinity in Bear Magazines.”  In Opposite Sex:  Lesbians and Gay Men Writing About Each Other’s Sexuality, ed. Sara Miles and Eric Rofes. New York: New York University Press, 1998.

“The Ideology of Freshness in Feminine Hygiene Commercials.” In d’Acci, et al., eds. Feminist Television Criticism: A Reader. London: Oxford University Press, 1997.

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Faculty Profiles

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