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College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
LING 120: Language and Human Behavior
LING 361: Introduction to World Englishes
LING 364: Introduction to African American English
LING 471: World Englishes
Research Interests 
Sociolinguistics, specifically American and world Englishes, urban pedagogical discourse, language in the media, linguistic identity in literature, second language/ second dialect acquisition

Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012

Dissertation: “African American English in Urban Education: A Multimethodological Approach to Understanding Classroom Discourse Strategies”

M.A. in Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

Qualifying papers: “New voices in the canon: The case for including world Englishes in pedagogy” (sociolinguistics), “More attention, this issue needs: Indo-Aryan constituent order transfer in English” (second language acquisition)

M.A. in Linguistics/TESL, Northeastern Illinois University, 2006

Thesis: “Identity and language choice in Indian English: Using Salman Rushdie’s novels to promote an Indian identity”

M.A. in Teaching Secondary English, National-Louis University, 2002

B.A. in English/Writing, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2000

Selected Publications 

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Hallett, Jill. 2013.  Constructing “Remorse”: The preparation of social discourses for public consumption.  Text and Talk 33(2): 189-212.

Hallett, Jill. 2012. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Language, Literature, and Identity.  Aligarh Journal of Linguistics, 2.

Hallett, Jill. 2011. More attention, this issue needs: Indo-Aryan constituent order transfer in English.  Southern Journal of Linguistics 35(1), 1-46.

Lichtman, Karen; Chang, Shawn; Cramer, Jennifer; Crespo del Rio, Claudia; Huensch, Amanda; Hallett, Jill. 2010. IPA Illustration of Q’anjob’al.  Studies in the Linguistic Sciences: Illinois Working Papers 2010: 1-23. Available online at

Hallett, Jill. 2009. Packaging social worlds: Micro- and macro-social replication in mass-mediated discourse.  Studies in the Linguistic Sciences: Illinois Working Papers 2009: 58-80. 

Chapters in Edited Volumes:

Hallett, Jill. (forthcoming) Language, Identity, and the American Classroom.  In Nehal, Raashid (ed.), Cross Cultural Issues in ELT.  New Delhi: BookShelf.

Hallett, Jill and Richard Hallett. 2013. Political Identity Gone Viral: Indian and International H1N1 Cartoons.  In Hasnain, Imtiaz, Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, and Shailendra Mohan (eds.),  Alternative Voices:(Re)searching Language, Culture, and Identity. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars.  120-151.

Hallett, Jill. 2012. It’s a Special Kind of Frog: Co-creating Teaching Materials for the Q’anjob’al in Diaspora.  Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Teaching and Learning Indigenous Languages of Latin America/ Actas del Segundo Simposio sobre Enseñanza y Aprendizaje de Lenguas Indígenas de América Latina. Available online at

Hallett, Jill and Richard Hallett. 2012. Metaphors and topoi of H1N1 (swine flu) political cartoons: A cross-cultural analysis.  In Bramlett, Frank (ed.), Linguistics and the Study of Comics.  New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

Cramer, Jennifer and Hallett, Jill. 2010. From Chi-Town to the Dirty-Dirty: Regional Identity Markers in U.S. Hip Hop.  In Terkourafi, Marina (ed.), The Languages of Global Hip Hop.  London: Continuum.

Hallett, Jill. 2010. Codeswitching in Diasporic Indian and Jewish English-Language Media.  In Facchinetti, Roberta, David Crystal and Barbara Seidlhofer (eds.), Global English. Theoretical Aspects and Cross-Linguistic/Cultural Case Studies.  Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

Hallett, Jill. 2009. New voices in the canon: The case for including world Englishes in literature. In Lucia Siebers & Thomas Hoffman (eds.) World Englishes: Problems, properties, prospects. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia: John Benjamins.


I’m from Chicago, and am an NEIU alumna. I taught high school in Chicago for many years, and use my experience in secondary education to inspire and inform my research in sociolinguistics.

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