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Instructor of Korean, Instructor
World Languages and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
KOR 101 Korean I
KOR 102 Korean II
KOR 103 Korean III
WLC 200K Introduction to Korean Culture
Research Interests 
Korean language and culture.

Ph.D., Kyunghee University
M.A., Ehwa Women's University

Selected Publications 

Shin, J. (2012). Hello, lunch Box. Jaimimage Publishing Co., Seoul(Paju), Korea.

Shin, J. (2009). Chakan Gang Agassi. Dahli Publishing Campany., Seoul(Paju), Korea

Shin, J. (2009). Heavy Rain. Overseas Korean’s Window of Literature. Seoul, Korea: Overseas Korean Foundation.

Shin. J. (2009). My Autobiography, Kyunghee Literature. Kyunghee University Press in Seoul Korea, 2009

Shin. J. (2009). Good Mean Gang, Dahli Publishing Company in Seoul Korea, 2009

Shin J. (2007). The World of Jong-Ghee Mah’s Poetry(Thesis), Memory of Jae Hong Kim, edited by Kim, Jae Hong, Kyunghee University Press in Seoul Korea.

Shin J. (2007). The Storytelling of American Dolls Comparing with Korean Dolls(Thesis), The Storytelling, edited by Hyesil Choi, GukhakJaryowon, Seoul, Korea.

Shin J. (2006). The Structure and Images of A Single Shard(Thesis), The Critic of Korean-American Literature, edited by Kim, Jongwhoe, GukhakJaryowon, Seoul, Korea.

Shin J. (2005). Korean Spirit in Korean Literature: Honbul of Myunghee Choi(Thesis), The Korean Study, edited by Hoyun Kwon, Northpark College, Chicago, Illinois.

Shin J. (2003). Copycat Cathy, The Kids Who are Picking Stars, edited by Geumsung and MBC, Geumsung Press, Seoul Korea.

Shin J. (2003). Joanne or Jeongsoon, Korean-American Essay, Edited by The Korean Essayists Association, DaeHan, Seoul, Korea.

Shin J. (1998). The Song of Turtle, Chicago Literature, edited by Koran –American Literature Society of Chicago, May Fair International Graphics, Arlington Hts., Ill.

Shin J. (1982). The Imagination of Choosoo Kim’s Poetry (Thesis), Ewha Women’s University Press, Seoul, Korea.

Arts and Sciences

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