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Associate Professor
Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
American Politics and Public Law
Courses Taught 
PSCI 216: American National Government
PSCI 311: American Judiciary and Judicial Process
PSCI 312: American Presidency and Executive Branch
PSCI 317: Public Opinion, Mass Media, and American Politics
PSCI 320: Constitutional Law
PSCI 424: Law and Equality
Research Interests 
Political Communication, E-Government, Judicial Politics, and Race Relations within Legislative Bodies

The University of Tennessee, Ph.D.
Cleveland State University, J.D.
University of Illinois at Springfield, M.A.
Eastern Illinois University, B.A.

Selected Publications 

Neddenriep, Gregory.  2009.  “Conflict, Cooperation, or a Colorblind Environment?  An Exploratory Study of the Black Legislative Experience on City Councils.”  State and Local Government Review 41(3):  147-165.  

Lipinski, Daniel, Gregory Neddenriep, and Karen M. Kedrowski.  2007.  “Who Makes It Easy?  Courting Journalists through Congressional Web Sites.”  The Journal of Political Science  35:  61-94.

Lipinski, Daniel, and Gregory Neddenriep.  2004.  “Using ‘New’ Media to Get ‘Old’ Media Coverage:  How Members of Congress Utilize their Web Sites to Court Journalists.”  The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics 9(1): 7-21. 

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