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Geography Advisor, Associate Professor
Geography and Environmental Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Urban Geography and Urban Planning
Courses Taught 
GES 104: World Geography
GES 213: Cultural Geography
GES 217: Urban Geography
GES 302M: Regional Geography: Russia and Central Asia
GES 302S: Regional Geography: Developing World
GES 302X: Regional Geography: Latin America
GES 314: Political Geography
GES 345: Medical Geography
GES 346: Geography of Metropolitan Chicago
GES 347: Gentrification and Urban Redevelopment
GES 348: Latino Chicago
GES 349: Environment and Urbanization
GES 361: Urban Planning
GES 389: Urban Design Studio
GES 401: Seminar in Cultural Geography
GES 411: Scope and Philosophy of Geography and Environmental Studies
GES 450: Seminar in Urban Planning
GES 471: Seminar in Urban Geography
GES 472: Seminar in Third World Issues
Research Interests 
Urban Geography

Ph.D. Geography (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

M.A. Geography & Environmental Studies (Northeastern Illinois University)

M.A. Russian & East European Studies (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

A.B. Classics, Honors in History & Philosophy (Loyola U. of Chicago)

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