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College of Arts and Sciences
East Asian History
Courses Taught 
Hist 111C: World History: East Asia
Hist 360: History of Pre-Modern China
Hist 361: Modern Chinese History
Hist 362: History of Japan to 1850
Hist 363: History of Japan Since 1850
Hist 460: Readings in Modern Japanese History
Hist 461: Readings in Classical Chinese History
Hist 463: Readings in Modern Chinese History
Research Interests 
Early Medieval Chinese history: 300's - 800's

University of Washingtion

History, Ph.D., 1991

Selected Publications 

" Emperor Gaozong and the Rise of Wu Zetian," Tang Studies 30: 2012, 45-69.

Kingship in Early Medieval China, Brill Press, 2008.

Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

T (773) 442-4514

Faculty and Staff

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