Women’s and Gender Studies Major (36 Credit Hours)

All WGS majors must complete six core courses (18 credit hours) and complete six courses (18 credit hours) of electives for a total of 36 credit hours.  Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field, meaning that it draws on knowledge and methods that cross the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines (i.e., sociology, philosophy, history, psychology, literature, the arts and so on). Many of the electives are cross-listed courses, which means they are offered under another department, but have content that focuses on women and/or gender and/or LGBTQ issues.  Electives must be chosen from at least two different academic departments.

All Northeastern majors have a Writing Intensive Program course.  Ours is WGS-201 WIP: Feminist Ideas.  Integrated with the knowledge covered in the course, students also learn and practice writing in the discipline of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Required Core Courses
18 credits  
Women’s Perspective and Values
3 credits
WIP: Feminist Ideas
3 credits
Feminist Activism
3 credits
Feminist Theory: Questions of Race, Class and Sexuality
3 credits
Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies
3 credits
Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies 3 credits
Approved WGS Electives/Cross-listed courses from at least two departments
18 credits
36 credits

Students choose electives from both WGS electives (that is, any course that is not a required core course) and a list of approved cross-listed courses. Your goal should be to experience an interdisciplinary approach to Women's and Gender Studies through studying with a wide variety of WGS faculty from several different departments.  If you wish to propose an elective that is not an approved cross-listed course, it must be approved by the WGS Advisor or WGS Coordinator and may not exceed six credit hours.