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Olivia Perlow portrait image

Olivia Perlow

Women & Gender Studies Coordinator, Associate Professor of Sociology
(773) 442-4773
Northeastern Illinois University
Laurie Fuller portrait image

Laurie Fuller

Professor and Program Advisor
Women's and Gender Studies
(773) 442-4552
LWH 2086
Ann Botz portrait image

Ann Botz

Office Specialist
College of Graduate Studies and Research
(773) 442-6011
College of Graduate Studies and Research
Timothy P Barnett portrait image

Timothy Barnett

Advisor Graduate Program-Composition
(773) 442-6030
LWH 2016 / B 147
Deberah A. Bernstein J.D. portrait image

Deberah Bernstein

Justice Studies
(773) 442-4795
LWH 4032
Brandon P Bisbey Ph.D. portrait image

Brandon Bisbey

Assistant Professor of Spanish
World Languages and Cultures
(773) 442-4622
LWH 2042
Vicki Byard portrait image

Vicki Byard

Coordinator, First-Year Writing Program
(773) 442-5815
LWH 2017
Ellen S Cannon portrait image

Ellen Cannon

Political Science
(773) 442-5655
LWH 2073
Kim L Davidson portrait image

Kim Davidson

Social Work
(773) 297-1165
Aneta Galary portrait image

Aneta Galary

Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies
(773) 442-4802
LIB 405
Emily Garcia PhD portrait image

Emily Garcia

Latina/o & Latin American Studies Coordinator and Program Advisor
(773) 442-5563
Nikolas O. Hoel portrait image

Nikolas Hoel

(773) 442-5634
LWH 4081
Lisa A Hollis-Sawyer Ph.D. portrait image

Lisa Hollis-Sawyer

Associate Professor - Psychology, Gerontology Program Coordinator, Women and Gender Studies Core Faculty
(773) 442-5846
BBH 307E
Brooke Johnson portrait image

Brooke Johnson

Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies
(773) 442-4771
LWH 2085
Kate Kane portrait image
(773) 442-5973
FA 241
Julie H Kim portrait image

Julie Kim

(773) 442-5825
LWH 2002
Catherine A. Korda portrait image

Catherine Korda

Justice Studies
(773) 442-4790
LWH 4079
Timothy R Libretti portrait image

Timothy Libretti

Acting Associate Dean
(773) 442-5823
LWH 2012
Tracy J. Luedke portrait image

Tracy Luedke

Coordinator, Global Studies Program
(773) 442-5621
BBH 138
Nancy A. Matthews Ph.D. portrait image

Nancy Matthews

Women & Gender Studies Coordinator
Justice Studies
(773) 442-4791
LWH 4063
Erica R Meiners portrait image

Erica Meiners

Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
(773) 442-5515
LWH 4008
Adam M. Messinger Ph.D. portrait image

Adam Messinger

Justice Studies
(773) 442-4798
LWH 4069
Francesca Morgan portrait image
(773) 442-5609
Lech Walesa Hall 4095
Wamucii Njogu portrait image

Wamucii Njogu

Dean, Sociology and Associate Professor
Office of the Dean Room 158 - Bernard Brommel Hall
Kristen L Over portrait image
(773) 442-5833
Lech Walesa Hall 2006
Milka Ramirez PhD, MSW portrait image

Milka Ramirez

Curriculum Specialist: Social Work Practice
Social Work
(773) 442-4763
Vida Sacic portrait image

Vida Sacic

Graphic Design
(773) 442-4922
FA 226C
Timothy H Scherman portrait image

Timothy Scherman

Acting Chair, English Department, Audrey Reynolds Distinguished Professor
(773) 442-5817
Northeastern Illinois University
Jade Stanley EdD, MSW portrait image

Jade Stanley

Chair of the Social Work Program
Social Work
Terry Stirling Ph.D. portrait image

Terry Stirling

Literacy, Leadership, and Development
(773) 442-5527
LWH 4007
Brett Stockdill portrait image

Brett Stockdill

(773) 442-4772
Northeastern Illinois University
Durene Wheeler portrait image

Durene Wheeler

Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
(773) 442-4162
LWH 2053

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS Faculty and Staff

WGS Faculty and Staff

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