Dr. Job Ngwe, Ph.D., Associate Professor publishes a new book entitled: Social Work Research Methods, An Invitation

The “Social Work Research Methods: An Invitation” book is designed for a one-semester introductory research methods course. It is intended to provide social work students and other social science students with a solid foundation in research methodology. It is a “reader-friendly” research book that students may find easy to read, easy to understand, or even interesting. Order your copy today!

Citation: Ngwe, J. E. (2013). The Social Work Research Methods: An Invitation Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions

Dr. Aimee Hilado, PhD, LCSW, Assistant Professor, will present at the Birth to Three Conference (Jul. 29 -Jul. 31) and the Zero to Three National Training Institute (Dec. 10-13)

Dr. Hilado will be presenting at two conferences in the coming months. She will be at the Birth to Three Conference in Washington D.C. meeting presenting a paper entitled "Access for New Immigrant Children: Early Intervention with Refugee Families using the Baby TALK© model." In December, Dr. Hilado will be conducting a field presentation entitled "Providing culturally sensitive home visiting services to English and Spanish-speaking families" at the 29th annual Zero to Three National Training Institute in Ft. Lauderdale. 

Dr. Frank Gaytán, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, publishes two new articles focusing on education among Latino learners.

Citations: Gaytán, F.X. (2013). Social capital and the academic and ethnic resources of Mexican youth in New York City. In A. Sawyer & B. Jensen (Eds.), Regarding Educación: Mexican-American Schooling the 21st Century. New York: Teachers College Press.

Moreno, G. & Gaytán, F.X. (2013). Focus on Latino learners: Developing a foundational understanding of Latino cultures to cultivate student success. Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth, 57:1, 7-16.

Dr. Jade Stanley, Ed.D., MSW (Program Chair) and Dr. Job Ngwe, Ph.D. plan a student trip to Ghana

Drs. Stanley and Ngwe will be leading a student trip to Ghana this academic year. A total of 12 students will be invited on the trip and 5 faculty/staff members. Participants will have an opportunity to meet with stakeholders and community organizers on the ground in Ghana while integrating internatonal social work concepts with personal life experiences. It will be a trip of a lifetime. See Dr. Stanley for more details. 

Dr. Milka Ramirez, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, presents two sessions at the NASW Illinois Conference in Lombard, Illinois (Oct. 28-30).

Dr. Ramirez will present on two occasions at the NASW Illinois Conference. Her presentation schedule is as follows: 10/28/2013 (1:30-1:45pm) -- Presentation entitled "Rapid Confab Presentation: Reconceptualizing Violence: Homophobia in Our Schools."

10/30/2013 (9am-10:30pm) -- Workshop entitled "An Examination of Homophobia and Social Work Practice Among a Sample of School Social Workers."

Spotlight: Kim Davidson, LCSW, Field Instructor

Ms. Davidson has been an exceptional member of the Field Team and a leader in the field. She currently supervises three NEIU students in the field and also services as a field liason for the various field placements affiliated with the NEIU Social Work program. Ms. Davidson is also Program Administrator for the Safe Haven Program and Patty Crowley Apartments at Deborah's Place. NEIU is lucky to have her on our team. Thank you, Ms. Davidson!