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Schedule of Classes

Spring 2017

Dept Course Campus Title Days Time Instructor Location
PSCI 201-2 MC Introduction to Political Science TR 1:40-2:55pm Bae LWH-2020
PSCI 210-J1 CICS Introduction to Political Science W 1:30-4:15pm Starks CIS-408
PSCI 216-1 MC American National Government MWF 10:30-11:20am Ramos LWH-2056
PSCI 216-2 OL American National Government   TBA Adler TBA
PSCI 216-3 MC American National Government MW 12:55-2:10pm DeBruyn LWH-2044
PSCI 216-4 MC American National Government TR 9:25-10:40am Benjamin LWH-2056
PSCI 216-5 MC American National Government TR 12:15-1:30pm Cannon LWH-2094
PSCI 216-L18 EC American National Government R 7:05-9:45pm Owens ELC-206
PSCI 304-1 MC Field Experiece   Hrs Arranged    
PSCI 305-1 MC Internship I   Hrs Arranged    
PSCI 312-1 MC American Presidency & The Executive Branch MW 11:30-12:45pm Neddenriep LWH-3056
PSCI 316-X1 OFF Pressure Groups R 7:05-9:45pm Jackson Rm-112
PSCI 321-1 MC American Jewish Politics TR 4:15-5:30pm Cannon LWH-2105
PSCI 327-2 MC Government and Economy R 7:05-9:45pm Benjamin LWH-2105
PSCI 329-1 MC Minority Politics in the US TR 12;15-1:30pm Benjamin LWH-3044
PSCI 333-X1 OFF Immigration, Ethnicity & Citizenship T 7:05-9:45pm Ramos Rm-112
PSCI 335-1 MC Urban Politics T 7:05-9:45pm Cannon LWH-3109
PSCI 338-L18 EC Chicago Politics W 4;15-6:55pm Ramos ELC-320
PSCI 350-1 MC International Relations in Asia TR 10:50-12:05pm Bae LWH-3094
PSCI 376-2 MC Principles of International Relations W 7:05-9:45pm Bae LWH-2005
PSCI 379-2 MC War and Peace F 9:30-12:20pm DeBruyn LWH-3005
PSCI 383-1 MC US Foreign Policy Since WW II MW 4:15-5:30pm Jankovski LWH-2044
PSCI 392-2 MC WIP: Contemporary Political Philosophy TR 1:40-2:55pm Mihic LWH-2105
PSCI 402-2 MC Research Methods in Political Science MW 5:40-6:55pm Neddenriep LWH-3096
PSCI 421-1 MC Congress & The Bureaucracy M 7:05-9:45pm Adler LWH-3031
PSCI 424-1 MC Law and Equality W 7:05-9:45pm Neddenriep LWH-2081
PSCI 465-1 MC Seminar in African Politics R 7:05-9:45pm Thompson LWH-2005
PSCI 478-1 MC EU-US Transatlantic Relations T 7:05-9:45pm DeBruyn LWH-3096


Political Science

Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff

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