Physics Minor 

Minor Program Requirements:

Required Courses:
PHYS-206 University Physics I* 3 cr.
PHYS-203 Physics I Laboratory 1 cr.
PHYS-207 University Physics II* 3 cr.
PHYS-204 Physics II Laboratory 1 cr.
PHYS-305 Modern Physics I 3 cr.
PHYS-306 Modern Physics II 3 cr.
Two 300-level physics courses 6 cr.
Total 20 cr.

*PHYS-206 may be substituted by PHYS-201 and PHYS-207 may be substituted by PHYS-202

All 300-level courses in Physics are offered in the evening

Students are strongly encouraged to take the required 200-level physics courses, as well as MATH 107 (Calculus I) and MATH 202 (Calculus II) as early as possible, since these are prerequisites for almost all of the 300-level physics courses.

Transfer credit information:

Physics courses taken from other institutions inside the U.S. usually transfer with no problem. I will need to see a catalog description of any statistics course taken at another institution and any Physics courses taken at institutions outside the U.S.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a rule that states only 9 hours of Physics transfer credits can be applied towards an Physics minor. Remember that the University requires a grade of C or better in any course applied toward the major or minor.