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Confronting Climate Change, Transforming Cultures: A College of Arts and Sciences Theme Semester

For the Spring 2020 semester, the College of Arts and Sciences has created a curriculum with an emphasis on climate change that brings together several courses from across our programs and disciplines.

Climate change has been rapidly altering our environment and, in doing so, has necessarily altered how we must think about nearly every other issue and aspect in our world, such as health, racial and gender inequality, politics, economy, immigration, environmental justice, and more. We are pressed to address climate change scientifically and think about it in historical and sociological terms, in terms of the psychology of denial, as well as through art, culture, and language.

The suite of courses that are part of this program aim to tackle many of these issues, dimensions, and challenges from a diverse range of perspectives and disciplinary lenses.

Schedule of Classes

Fall Semester 2019

Spring Semester 2020

Justice Studies Course Catalog

Justice Studies Internships

An important component of the Justice Studies curriculum is for students to gain real-world experience in the field, typically focusing on advocacy for community justice and the ethics that inform those practices. This component is formalized when students enroll in JUST 350 Field Work Seminar, which includes a 200-hour internship with an agency or organization of their choice. In order to enroll in JUST 350, students must have completed the JUST 345 Practicum course and its prerequisites, as well as a minimum of three to four electives (9 to 12 hours) in Justice Studies.  

It is strongly advised that students do not wait until the beginning of the JUST 350 Field Work Seminar to secure their internship, but that they finalize their arrangements while still enrolled in JUST 345 Practicum. This means that ideally, students should discuss their internship arrangements with their JUST 350 Field Work Seminar instructor before the beginning of the course. Students must do their internship at the same time they are enrolled in the Field Work Seminar—not before.  

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