Getting involved in student clubs is a great way to meet people with similar interests, and it also provides a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, and to prepare for life after college.  For this reason, the Justice Studies Department works closely with several student clubs.

Justice Studies Club

The activities of the Justice Studies Club focus on working with local groups in Chicago and beyond to address ongoing justice issues, and to help those who are suffering through natural disasters.

As a club closely affiliated with the Justice Studies major, club members frequently work with Justice Studies faculty to help its members attend professional conferences, such as the Justice Studies Association (JSA) annual conference, and the Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA) annual conference.  Club members are putting the finishing touches on their arrangements to attend this year's PJSA annual conference to be held in San Diego in October of 2014. 

For more information about the club, contact its president, Paw Ku, or the club's faculty advisor, Dr. T. Y. Okosun, at 773-442-5453. 

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club is for students interested in pursuing careers in law enforcement, corrections, forensic science, investigations, children's legal services, or parole. 

For more information, contact the club president, John Barrientos

Amnesty International, Northeastern Student Chapter

The Amnesty International (AI) club advocates for people all over the world whose human rights are being violated.  The club also sponsors events on campus to educate the Northeastern community about human rights in general.

As a chapter of an international organization, AI club members travel to national Amnesty International conferences.  The AI club was honored to host the Amnesty International Regional Conference in 2012.  Club members are also eligible to compete for special human rights summer research grants. 

For more information, contact the club's faculty advisor, Dr. Cris Toffolo, at 773-442-4761. 

Pre-Law Society

Northeastern's Pre-Law Society is focused on helping students learn about the practice of law, and about the process of getting into law school.  It frequently hosts presentations by law schools and talks by practicing attorneys.  Members also meet to learn how to best prepare to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). 

The Pre-Law Society meets regularly on Tuesdays during Northeastern's activity hour.  For more information, contact the society's advisor, Mr. David Nissim-Sabat, at 773-442-5706.