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College of Arts and Sciences
Medieval and Byzantine History
Courses Taught 
Hist 111A: World History, The West, to 1500
Hist 300A: Ancient Greece
Hist 300B: Ancient Rome
Hist 301: Medieval Europe
Hist 311A: History of England to 1688
Hist 315: Women in Medieval Society
Hist 392: Problems in History: Survey of Byzantine History
Hist 392: Problems in History: Saints and Sinners in the Medieval World
Hist 392: Problems in History: The Crusades
Hist 392: Problems in History: Religion and Reform in the Age of Constantine
Hist 410: Readings in Medieval History
Research Interests 
Religious, Social, and Cultural History; Intellectual History; Hagiography; Medieval, Byzantine, and World History; Rome and Late Antiquity

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Medieval and Byzantine History, Ph.D., 2013

Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

T (773) 442-4514

Faculty and Staff

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