Your Contributions Make a Difference. We Can't Do All This Without YOU!

Little by little, small donations make a big difference! Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and allow the English Department to assist and honor students in monumental ways. Your generosity supports:

  • EVENTS--Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Programs for the department and the University at large (contributions to the Lit and Luz events, or our recent Town Hall with Common Cause on Politics and the Media), as well as Alumni Events like Poetry and Pancakes, our annual get-together which features alumni readers (held during NEIU Weekend).

  • TRAVEL--Each year we support more than a dozen students whose work has been accepted at national conferences. This aspect of support is doubtless the most expensive of all, but it is also the most transformative for our students. 

  • VISITING WRITERS--through our Writers Reading Series, the 82, and in our regular ENGL 397: Writing Intensive class, we bring a dozen or more professional writers to campus each term.

  • ACKNOWLEDGING EXCELLENCE--We recognize dozens of students with cash awards at our annual end-of-year Student Awards Ceremony and After-Party (held each May on the Friday before graduation).

These kind of events and programs give the English Department its special identity as a place where students find additional resources and professionalizing opportunities. They demonstrate our commitment to providing students with extra-curricular activities that tuition dollars and fees do not cover. These opportunities help give our students the sense of a shared purpose and community not often available at a commuter campus.

We invite you to visit campus and attend any of the events organized by our department, The 82 or Seeds. If you are an alumnus we also invite you to reconnect to NEIU and send us an email to let us know what you’re up to!

Your support and contributions truly make a huge impact.


The University’s professional fundraising staff are ready to answer questions and to work with you. To learn more, please contact Director of Development Sylvia Daniels at or (773) 442-4231. 


  1. Click on the “Donate now” button below.

  2. Under “Designation,” select “Other” from the drop-down menu.

  3. Copy and paste “English Fund, 1230” into the “Other Designation” text box. (Note: If you do not include “English Fund, 1230” your donation will not be designated to the English Department, but will go into a general Northeastern fund.)

  4. If your employer will match donations, be sure to contact your business’ office of Human Resources to supply them with your donation information to double your impact.