Make a Difference - Support Student Goals

Even as the state has continued its divestment from public education or over past two decades, the English Department has dedicated itself to a project of extending our educational and humanizing mission beyond our own walls through programming and providing education to our students and the broader community by any means necessary.

We are able to dispense thousands of dollars each year to our students in mini-grants and awards, which not only honors them and the humanistic work we do, but it also often allows students to stay in school, fund their education, buy books—sometimes even pay for food and shelter. Our ability to do this is largely supported by our alumni, who know the struggles of the Northeastern student better than anyone.

Little by little, small donations make a difference! We would never ask you to give more than you can afford. Rather, we want you to know that the smallest of donations—even just a few dollars a year—snowballs into allowing us to support and honor students in monumental ways. Your donations help us support students, add valuable programming, and celebrate their accomplishments at the end of each year.

Come to campus some time and check out our Writers Series, The 82, and let us know if you'd like to attend our annual Student Awards Ceremony (where we honor the achievements of both current students and alumni) and After-Party, held every May on the Friday before graduation, and we'll let you know the details. 

Please donate whatever you can at the NEIU giving page (click "other" and designate "English Department"), and stay in touch.

Many thanks,

Tim Scherman
Department of English, Acting Chair