Deadlines, Guidelines, Procedure

To apply to our program you must have to follow the guidelines of the Graduate College. Please visit their page for more information on deadlines and the overall application procedure. NOTE: We do not require the GRE.


Financial Aspects

For financial aid, click here

The cost of the tuition is detailed here 

International Students

For an overall webpage with information, visit the International Students Application webpage in the College of Grad. Studies and Research. For all of your more detailed Visa questions, contact the Office for International Programs.

For all questions regarding your degree abroad, tuition, and anything related to the application process, please contact: 

Graduate Enrollment Services Information:
Telephone: (773) 442-6001
Fax: (773) 442-6040


Preparing a Good Application

Even if some applications follow the guidelines, they can still be rejected because of lack of preparation. Please follow these guidelines when preparing your applications :

  1. The letters of recommendation must be from someone who knows how you work (either academically or professionally). They cannot come from a relative, a neighbor, etc.
  2. Many universities have standard letters of recommendations where they just fill in your name. A good letter of recommendation is one in which the recommender speaks personally about you, so choose recommenders that know or remember you and won't use a stock letter of recommendation.
  3. The statement of purpose is another very important piece of the application. Please follow "How to write the Statement of Purpose" when preparing your statement.